The All Black Network Foundation was founded June 5th, 2020 by Dominique  Emanuel. Our mission is to assist with the development and sustainability of black owned businesses in our communities across the world by offering grants and other adequate services that can help the business prosper. Our headquarters is located in Oakland,California. We have rapidly expanded  to several states such as Virginia, Florida ,Arizona, Texas and more. Our goals is to see more minority owned businesses flourishing in our economy. With our resources we hope to make a difference in business owners ventures by simply offering our ongoing support in areas attention is needed the most. 

We offer services such as business development, real estate and investing, homeownership services, youth entrepreneurs programs and more. Please send all inquiries to

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2020 Thanksgiving Homeless Feeding

2020 Thanksgiving Feeding Oakland

This year we were able to feed 50 homeless individuals in Oakland,CA where the homeless rate is increasing daily. Although we wish we could of did more, it was still an honor to be able to serve those without shelter.


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Our mission at a glance!

It all starts with a great idea. But it takes an exceptional founder team to make a great company that achieves growth and makes a difference. Browse our portfolio to learn more about our success stories, and how we helped  along the way.


Community Outreach Services

Serving Together!

The All Black Network Foundation gladly host multiple community events annually. We support our communities from feeding the homeless to offering free business classes via zoom. Leaving a great impression in our communities is our number one priority. For more information on how you can help send inquiries to


Business Development Services 

Building Together!

We are passionate and dedicated to empower one another to succeed in business. We stand in unity with integrity to be of support of each other endeavors. We offer services to help start your business, services that will help sustain your business and services that will help your business grow. Our business development committee is the one stop shop for all your business development needs. For more information regarding these services please send inquiries to in the subject line  please state Business Development.


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Are you a passionate founder with a great startup idea? Are you looking for a thriving ecosystem where you’ll be working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry? Browse our options below and join us today.


Real Estate & Investment Team

You Can Count on Us

No matter what you’re looking for, we have the tools to get you where you want to go. Our goal is to assist with the search and purchase of commercial properties and land for business owners who are seeking expansion. We even developed an investment circle for investors to collaborate and develop future projects. For more information send inquiries to


Youth Entrepreneur Program

Preparing Leaders For The Future

Developing future leaders is our #1 priority. Our youth entrepreneur program serves youth 7-17 years of age who are interested in learning the basics of entrepreneurship and maintaining a small business. We share knowledge in marketing, media, financial literacy and more. Please contact us on how you can get your youth involved at


Business Development Committee 

Experience Excellence

We hope to accelerate business growth and create a sustainable innovation ecosystem. We offer consultation, credit restoration services, marketing and host of other services for new and current business owners. If you think we can help, schedule an introductory meeting with us today. Please send all inquiries


Health & Wellness Committee 

Indulging In Healthy Habits

The All Black Network Foundation cares about the well-being of our community and members. Offering services that will rejuvenate the mind, body and soul is very important to us. We offer services such as yoga, jazzercise, substance abuse counseling and more. For more information on these services please contact Key Dawes at


Homeowner Program

Experience Excellence

The All Black Network Foundation provides substantial tools and solutions to support new and current homeowners. We know and understand the cost of maintaining your home, so for qualified individuals or families we offer one time financial assistance in a 12 month period to assist with approved home repairs our members may endure. For more information on these resources please send inquiries to


Community Outreach Committee 

Bringing Unity To The Community!

The All Black Network Foundation provides a wide range of benefits to help our communities reach their goals. We engage with our communities often by feeding the homeless or giving out toiletries, clothes and blankets. We offer business mixers for current and new business owners. We host numerous events for our youth and make sure the love is felt in our communities. Our community outreach committee is the heart of our organization. For more information on how you can volunteer or contribute please send a email to


We Speak Committee 

We Shall Speak!

At The All Black Network Foundation, we speak against what’s unjust, we speak on change for the better, we speak for the voiceless. Our we speak committee is dedicated to educating and highlighting important topics that arise  before us in everyday life. We want our voices heard and we want to be able to express ourselves freely with dignity every chance we get. Join the movement by simply sending a email to

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